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SellAnyBusiness.Com FAQ


Information for Buyers

How do I get further information on a business or contact the seller?

To get detailed information on a business listed  for sale on our site feel free to contact the seller or the broker directly using the contact seller links provided with each listing.

Kindly note that we are not a business broker or a agent. We are simply a advertising service that you and a seller can use to express interest in buying and selling a business.

Once you contact a seller, it is possible that the sellers may want to know more about you before they disclose any financial or other information about their business. So please be prepared for the same.

Some sellers may also insist that you sign an NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement to protect their business information from their competitors or from the media.


How do I register on SellAnyBusiness.Com?

In the “Buy a Business” drop-down please click on the “Register as Business Buyer” button. This will take you to a registration page where you can select what registration you would like. We have a free and a premium buyer registration and the benefits of each are highlighted in a comparison chart.


I already have an account. How do I amend my contact information?

Please login to the SellAnyBusiness.Com website with your existing username and password. You can then click the “My Account” button on the top of the page and change / edit your information.


I have forgotten my password!

No problem. Please click on the “Login” button. On the login page, below the username/password fields you will see a “Forgot Password?” link. Please click it to get a page where you can enter your email address and we will email you your password.


I have forgotten the email address I used to register!

No problem. Please click on the “Login” button. On the login page, below the username/password fields you will see a “Forgot Password?” link. Please click it to get a page where you can enter your email address. Please enter all your email addresses one by one. Whichever is the correct email address will receive an email from us with your password.


How do I use your SellAnyBusiness.Com website?

We are committed to providing you with the best possible user experience and to that end we are constantly working on making a more user friendly website. You can:

Search by Country | Search by State | Search by Sector | Search by Sub Sector | Search by Category | Search by Financial Criteria | Search by Recency of Posting | Or even enter a city name in the keyword field and see listings for the city.

You can place a Business Wanted Listing to contact prospective sellers.

You can set up email alerts to receive an email whenever a business matching your criteria is listed.


The SellAnyBusiness.Com listing was incomplete or inaccurate!

We are only a business listing service. We are not the creators of these listings. While we always encourage the sellers to create their listing as complete as possible, we cannot ensure compliance.


The business I liked is already sold! What can I do?

The sellers are responsible for deleting the listings or marking as sold a business that is listed on our site. Sometimes sellers do not delete listings after the sale and regrettably there is not much we can do about it. The listings remain for upto 12 months before they are deleted from our system. We do send out emails to sellers once a month reminding them to update the status of their listing.


I emailed the seller, but he has not reverted back to me!

The listing is managed by the seller. They get an email with your information from us the moment you complete the contact seller process.

There might be many reasons why the seller did not respond:

>> It might be their weekend.

>> They might be traveling.

>> If the listing is through a broker they may have to shortlist enquiries and discuss with the seller before they revert back to you.

>> It also helps if you have taken the time to make a more personal listing than the generic text we place for you in the form to send information to the seller.


How can I remember businesses I liked for later?

You have options based on whether you are a registered user or not.

>> If you are a registered buyer, you can add a business to your shortlist.

>> If you are not yet registered, you can take note of the reference number. Later, come back and enter the reference number in the search box and you will find the business.


I contacted SellAnyBusiness.Com but have not received a response!

We try very hard to get back to all enquiries. Please do remember that we are a free service and have a lot of emails to respond to. We apologize if we missed replying you.


Information for Sellers

How do I place my business in the listing for sale?

To place a business in the listing for sale please create a seller account. In the “Sell a Business” tab click on “Register as a Seller”

Create a user profile and log in.

After you are logged on, In the “Sell a Business” tab click on “Create Business for Sale Ad”


What am I charged for posting a SellAnyBusiness.Com listing?

Charges are based on the duration selected for the business listing for sale. Please visit this link for current charges.


Can I get a refund?

We are an advertising service just like any other advertising venue. Once an advert is placed there regrettably cannot be any refund.


How do I keep myself anonymous while posting a listing?

We understand that selling a business is a sensitive process. Please note that you are not asked to disclose your business name in a business for sale listing. You also do not need to disclose specifics on your business such as its exact location or your telephone numbers. Initial communication from the prospective buyer is handled through our messaging system till such time that you decide to communicate directly with the prospective buyer.

You receive the contact number and email address of the prospective buyer from our messaging system and it is entirely your decision to communicate further.


How can I make my listing better?

You can at any time login to your account and update your listing. We always recommend that you provide a listing that is as detailed as possible while preserving your confidentiality until you are sure you would like to communicate with a prospective buyer.


When will my listing expire?

The listing is valid based on your advertising plan selected. While your listing is live, we will regularly send you updates with new prospective buyers who express an interest in your business for sale listing.


Information for Franchise Buyers

Where should I register to buy a franchise?

The moment any visitor enquires for any franchise opportunity, the visitor is registered as a franchise buyer. While visiting the franchise opportunity section, you can also get registered by clicking there


Do I need to pay anything to Buy a Franchise?

There is no fees to buy a franchise. A person just needs to get registered to buy a franchise.


Is there any limit to Buy a Franchise on SellAnyBusiness.Com?

No, there is no limit to "Buy a Franchise" on SellAnyBusiness.Com


Is there any limit for getting Free Information on franchise listing?

No, you can enquire with as many opportunities of those they interest you.


How should I contact the franchisor?

Go to franchise listing, filter your search based on your requirement and click on the Franchise Opportunities that you are interested in. You can see Franchisor Contact Form, when you scroll down on the Franchise Information page. Fill the Franchisor Contact Form and click on "Send Message".


Information for Franchisor

How "Sell a Franchise" is different from "Advertise your Franchise opportunity"?

It is the same. When you wish to sell your franchise, you need to advertise on our portal to let people know about your franchise concept and give more information on it.


What are the differences between Paid Advertisement plan and Limited Free Trial plan?

Limited free trial users will get inquires however information will be starred out (hidden) till they become the paid member. Paid members will get all the inquiries with all the details by emails or in his account area after logged in.


Can I upgrade my listing at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade your listing anytime.

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